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The Transeasonal Parka – Advocado Plus

September 19, 2017

Mid September has swiftly brought an end to the warmer weather and the promise of a relatively bright September. A somewhat imperceptible chill in the air coupled with the turning of leaves have led the way for turning on the heater, coming home to evenings under a duvet on the sofa with cosy Into the Moon scented candles burning and a plethora of films to see me  through till summer arrives.  The cool evenings still require more substantial and practical outerwear.

Enter The Transeasonal Parka – another beauty from Advocado Plus

To the left is how the model wore it below is one of the ways I wear it.
It’s deceivingly insulated without making me resemble the Michelin man or looking like I’m wearing a sleeping bag and the adjustable cords on the wrists still means that I can give the coat some shape, should I need to.

I also love the color I own nothing like this.


Jacket – AdvocadoPlus
Striped Top – The Warehouse
Leggings – Farmers
Shoes – Hushpupppies





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