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WEAR Alexia Clothing Haul.

November 11, 2015

I don’t have an issue with being a budget babe, I have such a mixture of affordable and more expensive items in my wardrobe.  Kmart has been on my clothing radar for a while and more recently they have more then stepped up with there Alexia range.

The Alexia range is perfect for me, a SAHM I need comfortable and practical clothes and with summer coming I really prefer lighter, softer fabrics.  I chose items that are essentials for the everyday kiwi  mum lifestyle that I live.  Cute basic pieces are what I am all about.


My Kmart Haul.
The Black T shirt Dress                                   $17
I love love LOVE this, if it were 15cms longer it would be perfection but alas not everyone is 5’11 like me so I accept it and adore it.  Its very comfortable and could be easily dressed up or down.
The Summer T shirt Dress                             $17
This dress fits smaller then the black one, they appeared to be the same style and size, I thought they were identical but no.  I would definitely rock out in this at the beach.  And by rock I mean pretend to be a rock and bask in the sunlight.
The over-sized Shirt                                         $15
I got this two sizes too big, it’s my Mum outfit – if you see me at school pickup or drop off I am probably wearing something like this.  Leggings and a baggy t shirt for life.
The Cardy                                                           $25
I now have two of these, it’s great dressed up or down.
Long Leggings       (I got 2)                               $8
Leggings are my jam – they are so comfortable but they are not pants.  So a long line shirt or a cute dress  is a must and buy the correct size otherwise you bend over and flash everyone you vagina and nobody wants to see my vagina HA.
The essential singlet  (white and blue)           $7
So simple so cute.

For your viewing pleasure I have added in full sized images at the bottom of this post and you are welcome.

I was gifted a $100 Kmart gift-card to share what I thought about the Alexia Range – all words and opinions are my own, nobody tells me what to say hahhaha.

Have you purchased any clothing from Kmart or the Alexia Range lately?  Feel free to comment or post a photo in the comments.

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