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Week One Recap Being Fat/Setting Goals to get Fit and a weigh in.

January 22, 2016


The Goals.

The goal is to keep focusing on myself and improving my fitness.  Yes I am slow but I’m doing it!
To not focus on the numbers on the scales.   It messes with my head.


Beginning Monday – I was rearing to go, having attended 3 Fitlife sessions the week before I knew what I was in for, but I was excited to make progress.
During and after very session I feel pain somewhere, Monday my inner uper thighs and back were sore and I gave up altogether on the evil burpees.   My wrists were really sore too – I suspect I wasn’t evening out the pressure on them enough, that pain has eased up now I am more conscious of how I do this.

peter griffin kim kardashian buttTuesday and Wednesday – Intense aching in my ankles and lower legs, really ached so I did less running more walking.
Wednesday was the first day that I really didn’t want to get up and go workout, I was looking for an excuse to miss it.  I sucked it up and got there.   Kim Kardashian butt day they said.  So now my butt looks like this…  (Image from here)
Incase any of you were wondering my butt looks more like Peters then it does Kims,

Thursday – The Stairs of doom.  There is many sets of stairs but I just concentrated on the bottom 2 sets, then went for a walk/run to the street and back up the stair and so forth.

Friday – My knees and back were slightly sore and we had weigh-in..but more about that at the end of this post.

What I am noticing after 5 morning sessions and 4days better eating. (I’m on day 5 today)

About Food
I didn’t struggle so much the beginning of the week, however Thursday and today (Friday) I am hungry.  I suspect this may be more of a I want sugary food feeling then a actual I am hungry, nourish me kinda thing.
Cheat day tomorrow, although I’m just having a cheat meal and a cheat drink.



  • Sleeping better
  • Early morning sessions motivate me to eat healthier
  • I am not as tired, I have more energy during the day
  • My skins clearing up (2 litres a day of water
  • I can run further then I could last week


  • Knees and lower legs are aching when I run, I’m clearly ok cos when I’m not running  and am just at home the muscles are tight but not in pain
  • Really dry hands from touching the ground so much
  • Skinned knees from all those failed burpees and planks



The Numbers

I am down 1.8kgs (in 4days)  I am happy with that.


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