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Week Two Recap – Moving my Ass and the dreaded weigh-in

January 29, 2016

Omg guys, how humid and hot has week two been! I am not one to enjoy the heat under normal circumstances so to be actually up and exercising in it has been…challenging.

Week Two has really been a week of struggling with my food,  I am trying to not have carbs after 1pm and it was a huge fail this week  – as well as my sugar cravings.  I know it it a mind over matter thing, no excuses.   My mind just wasn’t where it needed to be.

Monday  – I was keen as to get going, after a weekend off I would have to say I missed the exercise.  It was humid as inside the gym and thankfully we were set up outside, lots of running and team work.  I always feel like I hold the fitter people back but they are more then supportive.

Tuesday – Teamed up with Sarah who was a great support, watching how she placed her feet helped me finally managed to figure out how to place my toes without hurting them when I get down for mountain climbers or plank jacks.  I actually hate them but yay for no sore toes.

Wednesday – Lots of running, just kept pushing, really sore muscles in legs, but not sore enough it hinders me all day.

Thursday – Skipped the stairs in the morning felt really guilty but I needed a sleep in.   Attended the afternoon session did boxing in the shade, running on the grass sucks too.  I think running in general is not fun for me.

The weigh-in.

400g total loss 2.2kg

The thoughts
I always feel like I have let people down and I should have worked harder, ate less, moved more.  Its a real mind f**k because I’m doing it for me not for anyone else.  Yeah I ate carbs after hours, yeah I had a moro bar but I still lost.  Next week I will do better.  I’m only competing with myself.

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