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Who are they to tell ME how to PARENT MY CHILD

October 26, 2017

I have spent the past 40mins in tears… I am majorly premenstrual and probably over reacting but I am at the point where I don’t give a shit.   I’m getting it out.

The reason for those tears is because all my hard work and appointments and letters and being so honest about our situation counts for nothing.

As most of you who have been reading here will know my Jacob has autism.  I have worked my ass off to get him early intervention and a diagnosis – I wanted to give him all the support in the world, cos he’s just another kid who thinks in a different way (no such thing as ‘normal’ guys)..

Last week Jacob turned 5.

He has been enrolled in daycare since 2 1/2 for some of that time we paid all his fees ourselves and when he was 3 1/2 a pediatrician informed me that we were probably entitled to a child care subsidy, so I took in proof of our earnings, Jacobs diagnosis and the application and they approved it.

They have a few times since then try to decline it.  I received a letter from them yesterday telling me they stopped it.
SO this morning I called them asking why and the women on my phone told me it is because he turned 5.  Now stop me if I am wrong, but my interpretation of NZ Law is that my kid has to be enrolled at school before he is 6.
he is currently 5 years and 10days old.

The reason he is not enrolled at school I said, is because he is autistic- he has a diagnosed developmental delay and the school class is full until next year.   WINZ have records of everything.
Moving forward to continue receiving his $20 a week child care subsidy I have to waste daycare’s time and waste the schools time and ask them to verify everything in a letter because apparently my word and NZ Law is not enough.

WINZ – people with probably not any education or special needs qualification get to make all the decisions.
They make everything hard for everyone including themselves.   I do everything correct and by the book and they still penalize me but mostly my child.

I knew that they would have declined it because Jacob  turned 5, what escalated this for me is being told that he should be at school and the tone in which she spoke to me.  I have to prove everything to them.

I’m pissed off for me and sad because I know this is a first world problem and people who actually have real problems get fucked over by them everyday.

UPDATE – They resumed it.   Still frustrated that I have to get so wound up.  

MORAL OF THE STORY.  Advocate for yourself and you family.