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You have lost so much weight – you don’t need surgery.

June 12, 2019

I have been getting this question a lot – this is not a rant this is me putting something down in writing to send all the people who will continue to ask me this, cos I think people are just curious.

If you haven’t seen my other posts about my weight loss start here

Surgery is a last resort not a first option.

For me it’s not about losing weight it’s about keeping it off, obesity is a disease in which my body will continue fight against me, wanting to keep me diabetic and sick and stocked up on junk food.

It’s about more then will power and I can’t do it on my own, surgery is a tool it is not an easy way out and I still have to work to make it successful, my 34 kilos loss proves that I have what it takes I just need this tool to push me along and give me a boost.

It’s not cosmetic surgery it is BARIATRIC SURGERY.
My surgery is publicly funded – I actually have to work before my surgery to show my team I am able to eat healthy and exercise – I have to work to prove that I can be successful long term.

And if this explanation isn’t good enough for you – I will say this.
I do not owe anyone anything – it is my body, my life, my health and if you think having 80% of your stomach removed is the easy way out you are wrong so byeee.

Anyway Stay cool


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